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Summary: Women with a curvy derriere have become increasingly popular in recent times, leading to much discussion and admiration. The heightened fascination with big butts isn’t new, but it’s one that’s captured the attention of people all over the world. In this article, we will delve deeper into the phenomenon of women with asses and examine why they are often considered desirable.

1. The evolutionary perspective

The shape of a woman’s curves has been said to indicate fertility and childbearing capabilities, making a pear-shaped figure, with a larger hip-to-waist ratio, particularly attractive. Men are wired to be attracted to these physical features according to studies.

Furthermore, some scientists believe that the size of a woman’s butt might indicate how much Omega-3 fatty acids she has stored, which could help in fetal brain development during pregnancy.

Another study says that men who choose women based on their waist-to-hip ratio tend to have healthier offspring.

2. The pop culture influence

Movies, music, and other forms of media have played a significant role in promoting the idea of the perfect body shape. For instance, the song by Sir Mix-a-Lot “I Like Big Butts” celebrated curvy women. More recently, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce have redefined the ideal body shape in pop culture, showing off their voluptuous rear ends.

Many women now view their large derriere as a symbol of beauty, leading them to undergo plastic surgery or wear padded leggings to accentuate their natural curves.

The fashion industry has embraced this trend too, with designers creating clothing lines for curvier women to flatter and highlight their assets.

3. The cultural significance

In some cultures, having a larger butt is considered a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and femininity. In Africa, for example, the “big booty” has been celebrated for centuries. In Brazil, women with rounded derrieres are admired, and it has even been described as a source of national pride.

In the US, African-American women have long embraced their curves, viewing them as something to be proud of, whereas in other western cultures, being skinny was previously considered the ideal beauty standard. However, with the rise of the body positivity movement, women of all shapes and sizes are now being celebrated and appreciated, leading to people feeling good in their skin no matter what size they are.

Celebrities like Lizzo and Ashley Graham have helped champion this message, preaching confidence and body positivity to their fans.

4. The health benefits

But size aside, a well-developed set of glutes can have many benefits for women beyond aesthetic appeal. Strong glute muscles help to improve overall stability, posture and promote overall body function for daily activities. Many physiotherapists often recommend exercises to strengthen the glutes and surrounding muscles for women who suffer from back pain too.

Bigger butts in women also highlight a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes, as fat in the booty and thighs produces hormones that help to metabolize sugars better and reduce inflammation throughout the body..

Aside from physical health, having a wider or “ideal” waist-to-hip ratio has also been linked to better mental health and cognitive function.

5. The challenges of acceptance

Despite the rising awareness around body positivity, there remains criticism around women with large derrieres, including instances of sexual harassment and discrimination. Certain industries still favor more petite models over curvier ones. Additionally, some women feel the pressure of societal expectation when it comes to body weight and size, leading to feelings of insecurity and anxiety.

However, the overall trend has been one which celebrates the beauty in all its forms, regardless of age, weight, or shape. Women around the world have increasingly become empowered to be confident irrespective of their body type, with many now seeing a bigger bum as a symbol of femininity and sex appeal.


There’s no doubt that having a curvaceous booty is more popular than ever before. Alongside evolution, pop culture, cultural significance, health benefits, and challenges, ultimately, what’s essential is being comfortable in your own skin. Whether you were blessed with ample curves or not, embracing the body type you have and focus on the positives is crucial. The goal should always be about feeling happy and confident in who you are, knowing you are beautiful regardless of measurements or proportions.

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