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What Do Guys Wear To Yoga _ What To Wear To Yoga Male

Summary: Yoga is a physical and mental practice that requires comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict one’s movements. While yoga was traditionally practiced by women, men are increasingly taking up this beneficial activity. However, many men question what to wear to yoga classes. This article provides some insights and tips on what guys should wear to yoga classes.

1. Comfort is Key

The most important thing for guys to consider when choosing their yoga attire is comfort. Yoga requires a lot of movement and stretching, so you want clothes that won’t restrict your range of motion or cause any discomfort during your practice. Clothing made of stretchy fabric with moisture-wicking properties is ideal for yoga. This type of material will move with you and keep you dry and comfortable during your practice. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too loose, as both can impede your movements.

Tops that are breathable and soft like cotton t-shirts or tank tops are good options. For bottoms, shorts or pants that are not too tight are recommended. Some prefer shorter shorts or pants that end above the knee while others prefer longer pants that cover the lower leg.

Lastly, make sure your clothing does not have any zippers, buttons, or anything else that might cause discomfort or get caught on something during your practice.

2. Coverage Matters

While comfort is essential, coverage is also important when it comes to yoga attire. Certain yoga poses require flexibility that can result in clothing shifting or moving in unintended ways. It is essential to ensure that you have adequate coverage, particularly when it comes to the groin area. Baggy shorts or pants may not offer the necessary protection, leading to an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. On the other hand, tight leggings or shorts may not provide enough coverage, especially for men.

Athletic shorts with a built-in liner are a popular choice among male yogis. These shorts are designed with an inner layer that provides coverage and support, while the loose outer layer allows for flexibility and movement. Compression shorts or leggings can also be a great choice, as they offer both comfort and coverage.

Ultimately, it is down to personal preference, but aim for clothing with enough coverage that you feel comfortable and confident in during your practice.

3. Breathable Fabrics

Breathability is another essential factor for yoga apparel. Yoga classes are often held in warm and humid conditions, which can cause sweating. Clothing made out of breathable fabric will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the class.

Athletic wear made of technical fabrics such as polyester, nylon and spandex blends allows moisture to evaporate quickly and efficiently. Such materials also have antibacterial properties that reduce odor. Soft cotton fabrics are natural, breathable, and comfortable, but they do not wick moisture away from the body.

Investing in high-quality fabric ensures that your gear lasts longer and performs better over time, which may save you money in the long run.

4. Color Coordination

Color coordination is another aspect worth considering when choosing yoga attire. While it may not seem like a big deal, selecting a color scheme that you feel good in can do wonders for your confidence and mindset during your practice. Generally, neutral tones such as black or gray are the most popular for yoga clothing, but brighter colors such as blue or green can also make a statement.

It’s best to avoid wearing bright clothing with bold logos or patterns that may distract or irritate others around you. It’s also recommended to opt for clothing that is opaque and not see-through, ensuring that your underwear won’t be visible during yoga poses.

Lastly, choosing colors that complement your skin tone and physique may enhance your appearance while also boosting your self-confidence.

5. Choosing the Right Footwear

Yoga is usually practiced barefoot, but some men may prefer to wear socks to avoid slipping or keep their feet warm. When selecting yoga socks, make sure they have a non-slip sole that provides sufficient grip to prevent slipping. Toe socks are another option; they are designed to fit like a glove around each of your toes, providing better balance and grip.

If you prefer to wear shoes, select slip-on shoes over those with laces as they provide ease while also allowing for flexibility and movement. Substitute bulky athletic shoes with minimalist shoes that provide just enough support for your feet while offering maximum flexibility and mobility.

Avoid wearing shoes with treads or cushioning as they can disrupt your balance and footing during poses.


In conclusion, there are a few things to consider when choosing what to wear to yoga classes as a guy. Comfort, coverage, breathability, color coordination, and footwear are all important factors to think about. Ultimately, the most important goal is to find clothing that allows you to move freely and comfortably throughout your practice, without any physical or mental distractions.

Following these tips and finding the perfect yoga attire will not only lead to a more enjoyable practice, but also boost your confidence in and out of the studio.

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