Ferrigno Fitness Workouts Warm Up For Max Bench ~ How To Warm Up For Max Bench Reddit

Warm Up For Max Bench ~ How To Warm Up For Max Bench Reddit

Summary: A proper warm-up is crucial for maximizing your bench press workout. It helps to prevent injuries, increase blood flow and activate the muscles that are needed for a successful bench press. Here are some tips on how to warm up properly before hitting those heavy weights.

1. Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching is a type of stretching that involves movement and helps to gradually increase the range of motion and flexibility in your joints and muscles. Before starting your bench press, you should consider doing some dynamic stretching exercises to get your body warmed up and ready for the workout ahead. Some of these exercises can include arm circles, high knees, leg swings, and jumping jacks. These exercises will help to increase blood flow, lubricate joints, and reduce the risk of injury.

It is important to note that static stretching, where you hold a stretch for a period of time, is not recommended before a workout. This is because it can actually decrease muscle strength and power, which can negatively affect your bench press performance.

Warm up for about 5-10 minutes with some dynamic stretching exercises to get your body ready for the bench press.

2. Start with lighter weights

Once your body is warmed up, it’s important to start with lighter weights before attempting your maximum effort bench press. Starting with lighter weights helps to increase blood flow to the muscles, activate the nervous system and prepare the body for the heavier weights coming up. These lighter weight sets should be done with good form and should allow your muscles to feel the movements of the exercise.

Start off with a warm-up set using just the bar or minimal weight that feels comfortable to you. Gradually increase the weight over several sets while keeping good form, until you reach the weight that you want to work with at your maximum effort.

3. Incorporate push-ups into your warm up

Push-ups have similar mechanics to that of the bench press, which makes them a great exercise to incorporate into your warm-up. Push-ups will activate the chest and triceps muscles, helping them to prepare for the bench press movement.

You can do simple push-ups or modify the exercise to increase difficulty. For example, you can try doing push-ups with your feet elevated on a bench. Adding push-ups to your warm-up routine can help activate the necessary muscles and improve your overall bench press performance.

4. Use resistance bands for activation

Resistance bands can be beneficial for warming up before hitting the bench press. They can help activate the necessary muscles by providing resistance during certain movements. For example, you can wrap the band around your back and hold it with your hands while doing an overhead press movement. This helps to activate the shoulders and upper back muscles which are required during the bench press movement.

Incorporating resistance band exercises into your warm-up can help increase blood flow and activate specific muscle groups which can ultimately lead to a stronger bench press.

5. Focus on your technique

It’s important to focus on your technique during your warm-up sets to ensure proper form when going for your maximum effort. Proper technique can help reduce the chance of injury, engage the necessary muscles, and improve your overall performance during the exercise.

While warming up, focus on all aspects of your bench press technique: hand placement, elbow position, leg drive and arch. Make sure that you are using the correct range of motion and that you are not cutting movements short, as this risks injury.


A proper warm-up is essential for maximizing your bench press workout. Dynamic stretching, starting with lighter weights, incorporating push-ups and resistance bands, and focusing on your technique are all important aspects of a good warm-up routine. Not only will this help reduce the risk of injury, it can also improve your overall performance in the exercise.

Remember – always prioritize safety and good form during your workout routine to achieve the best results.

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