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Rolling With | Rolling With Melia

Summary: Rolling with is a fundamental technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that involves the practitioner voluntarily rolling inverted onto their shoulders and back. This technique helps the practitioner to escape from an opponent’s dominant position or submission attempt. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of rolling with that can help BJJ practitioners to master this essential skill.

1. The mechanics of rolling with

The key to mastering rolling with is to understand the proper mechanics. Start by sitting down and leaning back while bringing your knees to your chest. Next, roll back and forth without using any momentum to get a feel for the movement. Once comfortable, add momentum and roll all the way over onto your shoulders.

To return to your starting position, tuck your head in, roll onto your side, and push yourself up to a seated position. Practice this movement until it becomes second nature.

When applying rolling with in BJJ, always keep your elbows tucked in and avoid reaching out to prevent potential injuries.

2. Applying rolling with in BJJ

Rolling with is particularly useful in BJJ when trying to escape from the bottom position. If you find yourself mounted by an opponent, try rolling with to escape. Begin by bridging upwards and shifting your weight to one side.

As your opponent attempts to adjust to your movements, quickly roll over onto your shoulders and back. You can then use the momentum to come up and regain the top position or initiate a scramble to create space and stand up.

Practice using rolling with alongside other fundamental BJJ techniques such as bridges, shrimp, and sit-outs to become a well-rounded practitioner.

3. Using rolling with defensively

Rolling with is also an effective defensive technique when your opponent attempts to lock in a submission such as an armbar or triangle choke.

As your opponent locks in the submission, use rolling with to create space and escape. Roll backwards and invert onto your shoulders to dismantle their grip and relieve the pressure on the joint or neck.

From there, you can use your momentum to come up and assume a dominant position or disengage entirely.

4. Training drills for rolling with

One effective drill for improving rolling with is to partner up and take turns rolling over each other. Start slowly and focus on proper mechanics before gradually increasing speed and intensity.

Another training drill is to practice incorporating rolling with into your BJJ game. Start from the bottom position and work on using rolling with to escape and switch positions with your partner.

Rolling with can also be practiced solo by taking repeated backward rolls across a mat or soft surface.

5. Common mistakes to avoid

A common mistake when utilizing rolling with is extending the arms out too far and leaving them vulnerable to being grabbed or compromised by your opponent.

Another mistake is failing to create enough momentum during the roll, which can lead to getting stuck in a compromised position. Be sure to practice the mechanics of rolling with to build up the necessary momentum.

Finally, when using rolling with offensively to escape from a dominant position, be aware of your opponent’s counters and be ready to adapt your strategy accordingly.


Rolling with is a crucial technique for any BJJ practitioner, whether as a means of escaping from a difficult position or as a defensive maneuver when faced with a submission attempt.

By understanding the mechanics of the movement, practicing training drills, and avoiding common mistakes, you can master rolling with and incorporate it smoothly into your BJJ game.

Remember to always keep your elbows in when rolling with to prevent injury and stay safe on the mats. With consistent practice, rolling with can become a powerful tool in your BJJ arsenal.

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