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Pull Up Bar Tricep Workout • How To Train Triceps With Pull Up Bar

Summary: Pull ups are an effective way to build upper body strength, and incorporating tricep exercises into your routine can enhance the benefits. In this article, we will explore various tricep exercises that can be done on a pull-up bar to improve arm strength and muscle tone.

1. Benefits of Pull up Bar Tricep Workouts

By adding tricep exercises to your pull up routine, you can target and tone the muscles in your arms. Strong triceps not only improve your overall upper body strength, but they also help with everyday tasks like lifting and pushing. Additionally, developing toned triceps can enhance the appearance of your arms.

The pull up bar provides a versatile tool for incorporating tricep workouts into your routine. For example, you can easily use the bar for dips or perform close-grip pull-ups, which engage the triceps more than traditional pull-ups.

Overall, pull up bar tricep workouts provide a convenient and effective way to build upper body strength and improve arm appearance.

2. Exercises for Tricep Workout on a Pull-Up Bar

There are several tricep exercises that can be done on a pull-up bar. One popular exercise is the tricep dip, which involves using the bars to do a dip motion while keeping the elbows tucked in close to your body. This targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders.

Another exercise is the close-grip pull-up, where the hands are positioned closer together on the bar, engaging the triceps more than traditional pull-ups. This exercise primarily targets the triceps, back, and shoulders.

Lastly, the hanging leg raise is a core workout exercise that also engages the triceps. This exercise involves lifting the legs while hanging from the pull-up bar, engaging the core, and utilizing upper body strength, including the triceps.

3. Tips for Effective Tricep Workouts on a Pull-Up Bar

When doing tricep exercises on a pull-up bar, proper form is crucial to avoid injury and maximize benefits. It’s essential to keep your elbows close to your body during dips and other tricep exercises to isolate the muscles and avoid straining the shoulders.

Additionally, it’s crucial to start with a comfortable grip width and gradually work your way towards more challenging options like close-grip pull-ups. Consistency is also key in building upper body strength and achieving desired results. Incorporating tricep exercises into your regular routine can help enhance the benefits of pull up bar workouts.

Finally, warming up before beginning any exercise is important to prevent injury while cooling down and stretching after a workout is essential to prevent stiffness or soreness.

4. Common Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Tricep Workouts on a Pull-Up Bar

A common mistake when doing tricep exercises on a pull-up bar is extending the arms too far back while doing dips. This not only puts undue stress on the shoulders but also targets other muscles rather than the triceps.

Another error is lowering the legs during hanging leg raises, this may cause tension on the lower back increasing chances of injury or strain. Additionally, people often do not keep the elbows tucked in properly during dips, resulting in less efficiency and not targeting the triceps as effectively as possible.

Overall, ensuring proper form during workouts is critical for safety and efficacy in building upper body strength.

5. How to Incorporate Tricep Workouts into Your Routine

Incorporating tricep exercises into your routine can be easy and convenient. Once you have a pull-up bar, simply begin with basic dips and close-grip pull-ups. Gradually add more challenging exercises like hanging leg raises as your strength increases.

It’s also important to remember that consistency is key in achieving results. Try to incorporate a few sets of tricep exercises into every workout. You can also add in other upper body exercises like push-ups or planks for a full upper body workout.

Finally, it’s essential to give your body enough rest after workouts. Overworking the muscles causes fatigue and stiffness instead of growth, so make sure to rest for at least 24 to 48 hours after an intense workout.


In conclusion, incorporating tricep exercises into your pull-up bar routine can enhance the overall benefits of your workouts. By targeting and toning the muscles in your arms, you can improve upper body strength and achieve toned triceps. Make sure to use proper form, avoid common mistakes, and keep up with consistent practice to achieve desired results.

With a commitment to regular tricep workout on a pull-up bar, you can build impressive arm strength and appearance over time.

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