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Summary: The Panchik brothers are a trio of CrossFit athletes who have made their mark in the sport by consistently ranking among the top competitors in various events. Their upbringing on a farm in Connecticut instilled in them a strong work ethic and appreciation for physical labor, which they later translated into their passion for fitness. In this article, we will explore their backgrounds, training regimen, successes, challenges, and future plans.

1. Brothers on the Farm

Saxon, Spencer, and Scott Panchik grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio, where they learned the value of hard work and discipline from their parents. They spent their days helping out with chores and tending to the animals, which instilled in them a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the outdoors. When they were not working, they would engage in friendly competitions such as racing each other around the property or lifting heavy objects like hay bales.

Despite their rural upbringing, the brothers all pursued higher education and obtained degrees in various fields. However, after discovering CrossFit in their mid-twenties, they began to shift their focus towards fitness and competing professionally.

“Our farm background definitely gave us an advantage in terms of physical strength and endurance,” said Saxon in an interview with Men’s Journal. “But it wasn’t until we started doing CrossFit that we realized how much potential we had.”

2. Training Regimen

The Panchik brothers are known for their intense and grueling training regimen, which involves a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular exercises. They typically train together at their sister’s gym, CrossFit Mentality, in Mentor, Ohio, where they push each other to their limits.

“Training with my brothers is a huge advantage,” said Spencer in an interview with Morning Chalk Up. “We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and we can push each other harder than anyone else can.”

Their training sessions typically last for several hours per day, and they often incorporate unconventional equipment such as sandbags, rope climbs, and tire flips. They also pay close attention to their diet and recovery, consuming a high-protein, low-carb diet and taking frequent ice baths to reduce inflammation.

3. Successes

The Panchik brothers have achieved numerous successes in their CrossFit careers, including multiple appearances at the CrossFit Games and various regional competitions. In 2012, Saxon finished in fourth place overall at the Games, while Scott placed 14th. Spencer has also consistently ranked among the top competitors in various events, including the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge.

The brothers have also made a name for themselves off the competition floor, through their involvement in charitable causes and other business ventures. They own and operate CrossFit Mentality, where they coach and train athletes of all levels, and have also launched their own apparel line, Panchik Brothers.

4. Challenges

Despite their successes, the Panchik brothers have faced their fair share of challenges in the sport of CrossFit. Injuries are a common occurrence in the high-intensity world of professional fitness, and all three brothers have had to overcome setbacks such as torn muscles and stress fractures.

However, the brothers credit their mental toughness and support system for helping them overcome these obstacles and continue to compete at a high level. “We’ve had to learn how to listen to our bodies and make adjustments to our training when necessary,” said Saxon in an interview with BoxLife Magazine. “But we have each other’s back and we know that we can get through anything together.”

5. Future Plans

The Panchik brothers have expressed their desire to continue competing in CrossFit and pushing themselves to new heights. They have also set their sights on other athletic pursuits, such as endurance racing and obstacle course competitions.

“We’re always looking for new challenges and ways to test ourselves,” said Scott in an interview with ESPN. “Whether it’s in the gym or out in the world, we’re up for anything.”

In addition to their athletic pursuits, the brothers plan to continue growing their business ventures and giving back to their community through charitable initiatives.


The Panchik brothers are a trio of CrossFit athletes who have made a name for themselves through hard work, discipline, and mental toughness. Their rural upbringing instilled in them a love of physical labor and a strong work ethic, which they later translated into their passion for fitness. They have achieved numerous successes in the sport of CrossFit, despite facing setbacks such as injuries and fierce competition. Their focus on camaraderie and family support has helped them to overcome these challenges and continue to pursue their goals with determination and resilience.

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