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Mallory Obrien Crossfit – Mallory O’brien Crossfit Coach

Summary: Mallory O’Brien is a rising star in the world of CrossFit. Her dedication to the sport and her ability to inspire others to achieve greatness has made her a standout athlete and coach. In this article, we will explore Mallory’s journey into CrossFit, her training philosophy, coaching style, and her impact on the community.

1. Early Life and Entrance into CrossFit

Mallory was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She was active in sports from a young age, playing soccer and softball throughout her childhood. After graduating from high school, she attended the University of Michigan, where she studied Kinesiology and played intramural sports.

After finishing college, Mallory worked as a personal trainer and discovered CrossFit through a friend. She was immediately hooked by the challenge and intensity of the workouts, and began training more seriously. In 2016, she competed in her first local competition and was amazed by the supportive community. From then on, she was committed to becoming a top-level CrossFit athlete.

Over the next few years, Mallory trained tirelessly, honing her skills and improving her strength and endurance. She competed in a number of local and regional competitions, and in 2019, she qualified for the CrossFit Games, the most prestigious event in the sport.

2. Training Philosophy

Mallory’s training philosophy is focused on consistency, hard work, and a positive attitude. She believes that anyone can improve their fitness and achieve their goals with the right mindset and commitment to training.

Her workouts are challenging, but always scalable to the ability level of her clients. She emphasizes the importance of proper form and technique, and encourages her clients to focus on functional movement patterns that translate into everyday life.

In addition to physical training, Mallory emphasizes the importance of mental toughness and emotional support. She knows that success in CrossFit requires a strong mindset, and she works with her clients to develop mental resilience and overcome self-doubt.

3. Coaching Style

Mallory’s coaching style is personal, supportive, and motivating. She takes the time to get to know each of her clients and tailor her coaching to their individual needs and goals. She is patient and encouraging, and always seeks to empower her clients to achieve their full potential.

She uses positive reinforcement to build confidence and create a supportive and inclusive training environment. She knows that her clients are capable of amazing things, and she helps them see that for themselves.

Mallory is also known for her ability to inspire others through her own actions. Her dedication to CrossFit and her own personal fitness journey serves as a role model for her clients, who are constantly inspired by her work ethic and determination.

4. Impact on the Community

Mallory has had a tremendous impact on the CrossFit community, both locally and globally. She is known for her leadership and community-building skills, which have helped to grow the sport and make it accessible to a wider audience.

She started her own CrossFit box, CrossFit Defined West, in 2019, which has quickly become one of the top gyms in the region. She also organizes local and regional competitions, which bring together athletes from across the community and foster a spirit of camaraderie and support.

Beyond her own gym, Mallory is involved in a number of charitable initiatives and organizations that promote health and fitness. She believes that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or ability level, and she works to make that a reality for all.


Mallory O’Brien is a true inspiration in the world of CrossFit. Her dedication to the sport, her coaching philosophy, and her impact on the community make her a standout athlete and leader. She has helped to build a supportive and inclusive environment in which anyone can improve their fitness and achieve their goals.

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out, Mallory’s approach to training and coaching can help you reach your full potential. She is a role model for anyone looking to improve their fitness and lead a healthier, happier life.

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