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Long Wods · Long Conditioning Wods


Long workouts, also known as “long WODs,” are a staple in many CrossFit and fitness programs. These workouts typically last 30 minutes or more and are designed to build endurance, mental toughness, and overall fitness. While they can be challenging, long WODs provide numerous benefits that make them worth incorporating into your fitness routine. In this article, we’ll explore some of the advantages of doing long WODs, as well as tips for how to approach these types of workouts effectively.

1. The Benefits of Long WODs

Long WODs are excellent for building endurance. These workouts challenge your cardiovascular system, forcing your heart and lungs to work harder and adapt to longer periods of activity. This increased endurance translates to improved performance not just in long WODs but also in other areas of fitness.

Long WODs also build mental toughness. These workouts often require you to push through discomfort and fatigue to complete the task at hand. By training yourself to stay focused and committed during long WODs, you develop mental fortitude that carries over to other aspects of your life.

Another benefit of long WODs is that they strengthen your entire body. These workouts often involve a wide variety of movements, meaning you’re targeting multiple muscle groups at once. Over time, this can lead to more balanced strength and better overall fitness.

2. How to Approach Long WODs

When it comes to tackling long WODs, pacing is key. Going out too hard in the beginning will likely lead to burnout and difficulty finishing the workout. Instead, start at a steady pace that you know you can maintain throughout the entire workout.

It’s also important to break up the workout into manageable pieces. By dividing the WOD into smaller chunks, you can mentally approach each section with a specific goal in mind. This can help make the workout feel more manageable and less daunting.

In addition, it’s crucial to fuel and hydrate properly before, during, and after the workout. Long WODs demand a lot from your body, so make sure you’re adequately prepared by eating a balanced meal beforehand and staying hydrated throughout the workout.

3. Types of Long WODs

There are countless variations of long WODs, each with its own unique challenge. One popular type is the “hero WOD,” which is named after a fallen service member. These workouts often feature heavy weights, high-volume movements, and have a significant emotional impact.

Another type of long WOD is the “chipper WOD,” which involves completing a long list of exercises in order. These workouts require patience and focus to get through each movement, making them a great challenge for mental toughness.

Finally, there are “long endurance WODs,” which focus heavily on cardio and are designed to last 45 minutes or longer. These workouts are perfect for building aerobic fitness and pushing through the mental and physical challenges that come with extended periods of activity.

4. Tips for Success

If you’re looking to incorporate long WODs into your fitness routine, there are a few tips that can help you succeed. First, prioritize recovery. Long WODs take a toll on your body, so make sure you’re allowing enough time for rest and proper nutrition after each workout.

Second, find a community. Completing long WODs alone can be challenging, but having a supportive group of people around you can make all the difference. Joining a CrossFit gym or fitness program that incorporates long WODs can help you stay motivated and on track.

Finally, embrace the challenge. Long WODs are tough, but they’re also incredibly rewarding. By pushing yourself past your perceived limits, you’ll tap into a sense of strength and resilience that will carry over into other areas of your life.


Long WODs are an excellent tool for building endurance, mental toughness, and overall fitness. By approaching these workouts with pacing, strategy, and preparation, you can reap the numerous benefits that come with extended periods of activity. Whether you’re looking to improve your performance in CrossFit or simply want to challenge yourself in new ways, incorporating long WODs into your fitness routine is well worth the effort.

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