Ferrigno Fitness Build Muscle Left Shoulder Pain Bench Press | Left Shoulder Pain Bench Press Reddit

Left Shoulder Pain Bench Press | Left Shoulder Pain Bench Press Reddit

Summary: Left shoulder pain during bench press is a common issue that many weightlifters face. The pain can be caused by several factors, including poor form, lack of warm-up, overuse, and injury. It’s essential to identify the root cause of your shoulder pain and take proper measures to prevent further damage.

1. Proper Form is Essential

One of the most critical factors to consider when performing a bench press is proper form. When lifting with incorrect form, it can lead to a wide range of injuries, including left shoulder pain. To prevent this type of pain, make sure to keep your elbows tucked in when lowering the barbell. Try not to flare your elbows out too much and focus on maintaining a straight wrist position throughout your sets.

Additionally, make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together when you lift the weights off the rack. This technique will engage the right muscles and provide the necessary support for your shoulder joint. Proper form also means keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. This technique will help you stay balanced throughout the set, reducing any unnecessary stress on your shoulder joint.

Proper form on the bench press not only ensures maximum muscle activation but also helps prevent shoulder pain, keep in mind to always prioritize technique over heavy loads.

2. Warm-up Prior to Lifting

Another reason why weightlifters experience pain in the left shoulder when bench pressing is due to a lack of warm-up. Properly warming up the shoulders helps to increase blood flow and reduce stiffness, improving overall joint mobility and preventing injury. Take a few minutes before starting your bench press to perform some basic shoulder stretches. These stretching exercises target the muscles around your shoulder joint, preparing them for the subsequent movements.

Additionally, begin by performing some light weight bench press sets, before beginning your main working sets. Doing so, prepares the muscles & joints, and decreases the likelihood of developing shoulder injuries & pain.

Stretching and warming up are two simple yet essential factors that must not be neglected before engaging in any lifting regime

3. Repetitive Overuse Causes Pain

Another reason why you might experience left shoulder pain during a bench press is due to overuse. When you’re repeatedly training the same muscle group, it can lead to inflammation of the joint, resulting in severe pain. To prevent overuse, try alternating your chest workout with other exercises targeting different muscle groups on other days.

Moreover, overtraining may also cause chronic pain & injury leading to issues like Calcific tendonitis, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff strain, or bursitis. Therefore, ensure proper rest days and avoid training the same muscle group too frequently!

Change your approach towards the workouts to avoid monotony and exhaustion, which can lead to overuse injuries & impediments.

4. Injuries Require Special Attention

If you’ve experienced left shoulder pain during the bench press regularly, it could signify an underlying shoulder injury. Many types of shoulder injuries could happen because of weightlifting such as rotator cuff damage, an AC-joint sprain, or a labral tear. Seek out a physical therapist or another professional health practitioner that understands Weightlifting injuries & rehabilitation techniques, to identify or rule out any underlying injury, and help address it accordingly to recover fully.

Certain times, some comprehensive tests like Shoulder MRI Scans, X-rays, or Ultrasound may be recommended to confirm the severity of the condition.

Don’t overlook the symptoms and work closely with a professional practitioner, as underlying injuries can hinder your lifting performance that might cause long-term complications.

5. Use the Right Equipment

Finally, make sure to select the proper equipment when performing a bench press. Using a barbell or dumbbells that’s uncomfortably wide or narrow could increase the tension on your shoulder joint, leading to pain and discomfort. Choosing a comfortable & well-fitted bar for you is essential, providing enough grip diameter to reduce stress on your wrist while keeping some minimum distance between hands to engage the target muscles effectively.

In addition, using wrist wraps can help support your wrist joint, and using elbow sleeves or shoulder cuffs helps to keep your joints warm. Seek assistance from your gym instructor to find the most suitable equipment for your requirements.

Proper Equipment and Accessories will provide adequate support and protect the joints from getting strained or stressed due to improper placement.


Injuries while weightlifting are common, especially with bench pressing. Left shoulder pain is a common concern amongst lifters, but you can take several measures towards preventing them. Prioritizing proper form can significantly reduce the risk of developing shoulder pain. Taking time for an adequate warm-up helps prepare the muscle and joints for heavy lifting reduces the risk of muscle strain or pulls. Rotating workout routines effectively complement transitioning towards full-body growth rather than overusing the same muscle group repeatedly. It’s okay to seek professional help early on if the pain persists beyond a few days, regardless of intensity. Lastly, selecting the proper comfortable equipment or accessories helps limit injury possibilities while improving overall performance.

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