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Brian Shaw Deadlift | Brian Shaw Deadlift Record

Summary: Brian Shaw is a renowned strongman who has earned multiple world champion titles in various competitions. Among his impressive feats of strength, his deadlifts have always been the talk of the town. He holds world records in several categories of deadlifting and has surpassed his own records over time. In this article, we will delve into the different aspects of Brian Shaw’s deadlifts that make him stand out from other strongmen.

1. Shaw’s passion for deadlifting

When Shaw started his strongman career, he realized that deadlifting was his forte, and he decided to capitalize on it. Since then, he never looked back and worked hard to improve his deadlifting every day. He believes that deadlifting is not just about raw strength but also about technique, training, mentality, and consistency. These factors have become the pillars of his success over the years.

Shaw practices deadlifting twice or thrice a week, with each session spanning for more than two hours. He starts with 405 pounds and works his way up to heavier weights gradually. He also trains his grip strength, which is essential in deadlifting heavy weights, by using thick bars, farmers’ walk, and other hand training tools.

Additionally, Shaw focuses on balanced nutrition, proper sleep, and adequate recovery time to ensure optimal performance during training and competitions.

2. Embracing different styles of deadlifting

Over time, Shaw has experimented with various types of deadlifts. He understands that different types of deadlifts target different muscle groups and require different techniques. Hence, he keeps practicing conventional, sumo, trap bar, and partial deadlifts to strengthen his muscles and hone his skills.

Conventional deadlifts are the most common type of deadlifts, where the feet are shoulder-width apart, and the hands are placed outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts, on the other hand, are done with a wider stance and a closer grip on the bar. In trap bar deadlifts, the lifter stands inside the bar and lifts it from the middle handles. Partial deadlifts involve lifting the weight from a rack or blocks that are positioned at the knees or mid-thighs.

Shaw has set world records in all these types of deadlifts, which makes him a versatile and skilled lifter.

3. Adapting to different conditions

In strongman competitions, the conditions for deadlifting may not always be ideal. Shaw has learned to adapt to different conditions like slippery platforms, uneven bars, weather elements, etc., to perform at his best. He practices on a variety of surfaces to prepare himself for such situations. He also wears shoes with a good grip and chalks his hands before lifting to prevent slips.

Shaw has also won competitions where he had to lift a truck or car, which is similar to deadlifting in terms of technique and strength required. These unconventional lifting methods have helped him develop an open mindset and enhanced his problem-solving skills during competitions.

Shaw’s ability to adapt to different conditions sets him apart from other strongmen who may struggle in challenging situations.

4. Focus on mental strength

While physical strength is crucial in deadlifting, mental strength plays an equally important role. Shaw believes that one should have a positive attitude, determination, and willingness to push through pain barriers to succeed in deadlifting.

Shaw visualizes himself lifting the weights successfully before the actual lift. He also listens to music to get himself pumped up and stay focused. He also takes a few seconds to calm himself before approaching the bar.

Shaw also credits his successful deadlifting to his ability to remain patient and composed during competitions. He does not let pressure or stress get in the way of his lifts and always maintains a cool head.

5. Community and training partners

Shaw emphasizes the importance of having a strong community and training partners who can offer support, guidance, and motivation to succeed in deadlifting. He trains with fellow strongmen, coaches, and mentors and learns from their experiences and feedback.

Shaw also inspires and encourages budding strongmen through his social media platforms and training videos. He believes that giving back to the community is important and motivates him to continue improving himself.

Shaw’s sense of community and personal development has further strengthened his passion and dedication towards deadlifting.


In conclusion, Brian Shaw is a strongman legend whose deadlifts have set high standards in the world of strength sports. His unwavering passion, consistent training, and focus on multiple aspects of deadlifting have enabled him to dominate the sport for many years. His perseverance and willingness to adapt to different situations have made him a role model for many aspiring strongmen. Brian Shaw’s achievements in deadlifting will undoubtedly inspire many more athletes to push themselves further and reach greater heights in the world of strength sports.

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