Ferrigno Fitness Powerlifting Boris Deadlift — Boris Sheiko Deadlift Program

Boris Deadlift — Boris Sheiko Deadlift Program

Summary: Boris deadlift is a popular exercise among weightlifters for developing overall strength and muscle mass. This exercise targets the lower body, specifically the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. It can be done using a barbell or dumbbells and with different variations to target specific areas.

1. Benefits of Boris deadlift

Boris deadlift has several benefits, such as increasing overall strength and muscle mass by targeting multiple muscle groups. Additionally, it improves hip extension and glute activation, leading to better performance in daily activities and sports. Furthermore, performing this exercise may help prevent injuries by enhancing the stability of the lower body.

Moreover, Boris deadlift can also have positive effects on posture, as it helps strengthen the muscles responsible for keeping the shoulders back and the spine straight. It can also improve grip strength and promote bone density since it’s a weight-bearing exercise.

In conclusion, Boris deadlift is an effective exercise that provides numerous physical benefits to those who perform it consistently.

2. Proper form

It’s important to use proper form when performing Boris deadlift to prevent any injuries and maximize its benefits. Start by standing with feet shoulder-width apart and a slight bend in your knees. Then, grab the barbell or dumbbells with an overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

Keep your back straight and engage your core throughout the movement. Slowly lift the weight while simultaneously pushing your hips forward and exhaling. Lower the weight back down slowly while inhaling and keeping your core tight. Repeat for several reps.

It’s crucial to avoid rounding your back during the movement, which can strain your lower back and lead to injuries. Additionally, make sure to keep the weight close to your body throughout the exercise.

3. Variations of Boris deadlift

Boris deadlift can be done with different variations to target specific areas or add more challenge to the exercise. One variation is the stiff-legged deadlift, which puts more emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes by keeping the legs straight throughout the movement.

Another variation is the sumo deadlift, where you stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing outwards, emphasizing the inner thigh muscles. You can also do single-leg deadlifts by standing on one leg while lifting the weight, promoting balance and stability.

Other variations include using kettlebells instead of dumbbells or barbells, doing deficit deadlifts by standing on a raised platform, or performing Romanian deadlifts by starting with the weight on the ground and lifting it up while keeping your knees slightly bent.

4. Incorporating Boris deadlift into your workout routine

Boris deadlift should be incorporated into your workout routine at least once a week to see results. It’s recommended to start with lighter weights and focus on using proper form before increasing resistance.

You can perform Boris deadlift as a standalone exercise or incorporate it into a full-body workout routine. For example, starting with squats, followed by deadlifts, and finishing with lunges. It’s important to allow rest days between workouts to prevent excessive strain on the muscles.

Additionally, make sure to warm up properly before starting any weightlifting exercises by doing some dynamic stretches and activating the muscles you’ll be working on. And always remember to cool down and stretch after the workout to prevent muscle soreness and tightness.


Boris deadlift is an effective exercise that targets multiple muscle groups, improves posture, enhances stability, and prevents injuries. Using proper form and incorporating variations into your workout routine can maximize its benefits. Start with lighter weights and gradually increase resistance. Remember to warm up and cool down properly to prevent any muscle strain or soreness.

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