Ferrigno Fitness Yoga Best Yoga App To Lose Weight ~ Best Free Yoga App To Lose Weight

Best Yoga App To Lose Weight ~ Best Free Yoga App To Lose Weight

Summary: Yoga has been known to have multiple health benefits, including weight loss. With the availability of several yoga apps, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your desired results. This article explores the top yoga apps ideal for weight loss.

1. Down Dog

Down Dog app is perfect for beginners and intermediates wanting to start a yoga practice. The app provides a personalized experience for each user based on their preferred level. It offers different options for intensity, duration, and style appropriate for anyone interested in losing weight through yoga.

The app includes specific focus areas that allow its users to specify where they want to concentrate their practice, including body areas, enhanced flexibility, strength, and balance. This is important for weight loss. Each session is unique, guaranteeing that you don’t get bored with repetitive routines.

Additionally, Down Dog allows users to sync their practice with music, making the exercises even more exciting. The app offers a seven-day free trial period, after which you can purchase unlimited access at an affordable price.

2. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

If you’re looking for an app with a wide selection of yoga classes from beginner to advanced, Yoga Studio is the ideal option. It offers over 170 classes covering more than thirty different types of yoga practiced by renowned instructors.

The app allows its users to customize workouts by length, reason for working out, intensity, and level. This makes it easy for people interested in using yoga for weight loss to achieve their desired goals quickly. The app also provides information about each pose, making it easy to follow through during practice.

Yoga Studio app can enable the user to turn any space into a yoga studio. The app includes pre-made classes and even enables users to create and save their preferred combos within a customized library. Finally, the app offers a 14-day free trial after which you can access it at an affordable price.

3. Glo

Glo app is unique compared to other yoga apps in terms of its diverse classes. It includes cross-training yoga, pilates, meditation, and conditioning among others, making it suitable for persons interested in a more holistic approach to weight loss.

The app includes over 4000 classes taught by world-renowned instructors that give users the real experience of working with a coach. Glo provides different lengths of sessions ranging from under 5 minutes to up to 120 minutes to cater to any schedule and goal.

The app has a dark mode feature ideal for relaxing yoga exercises, restorative yoga, and before bed yoga routines. It also provides community support and chat groups for its users. Glo offers a 7-day trial period to new users, and afterward, you can purchase unlimited access to the app at an affordable price.

4. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is another great app for beginners and intermediates alike. It provides various yoga practices ideal for persons interested in weight loss through yoga practice. This app includes over 200 poses showcasing the correct posture for each pose.

The app allows users to customize workouts based on duration, level, and type of exercise they want to practice. It includes detailed voice and visual instructions paired with soothing background music to ensure a calming environment for every session.

Pocket Yoga provides timers for both the poses and the entire workout, allowing you to stay focused. Additionally, the app has the social media integration feature, which enables users to share their progress with other yogis. This feature is especially beneficial for people who thrive on public accountability. Pocket yoga app is available to download for both IOS and Android devices at a reasonable price.

5. Asana Rebel

If you’re looking for an app that incorporates yoga and fitness, then Asana Rebel is the perfect app for you. It is suitable for individuals interested in transforming their bodies through a variety of workouts.

The app includes High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), dance, pilates, and other combinations of exercises. It offers personalized workout plans tailored to achieve different goals such as weight loss, strength, balance, flexibility, or stress relief.

The app is designed to motivate users with rewards and reminders, making it easier to form a consistent practice. Asana Rebel also has an extensive community of users who share their experiences on social media and the app’s forum. They offer a seven-day trial period, after which you can purchase the premium version of the app at an affordable price.


In conclusion, yoga is an excellent way to achieve weight loss. With the apps mentioned above, it has never been easier to incorporate a consistent practice into your daily routine. The best app for you will depend on your preferences, level of fitness, and desired results. However, all the apps listed above are guaranteed to provide quality classes and assist in achieving weight loss. Remember, yoga is a journey that requires consistency. Therefore, it is essential to choose an app that resonates with your vision and a sense of community to make the experience even more fulfilling.

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