Ferrigno Fitness Build Muscle Beachbody Competition – Beachbody Competition 2023

Beachbody Competition – Beachbody Competition 2023

Summary: Beachbody competition is a fitness event where participants compete to showcase their physique and overall fitness. It involves rigorous training, strict dieting, and dedication to achieving one’s ideal body shape. The competition takes place in various categories based on gender and body type, and winners are determined by a panel of judges who assess their aesthetic appeal, muscularity, symmetry, and conditioning.

1. Preparation for Beachbody Competition

Preparation for a beachbody competition begins several months in advance and requires a lot of hard work, patience, and discipline. One needs to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen tailored to their body type and fitness goals. Competitors usually hire a coach or a personal trainer to guide them through the process of bulking or cutting and come up with a workout and nutrition plan that suits their needs. They need to stick to a calorie-controlled diet, high in protein, low in fat, and carbohydrates. Additionally, they have to undergo regimens of workouts such as cardio, strength training, and conditioning to shed body fat whilst putting on muscle mass.

Apart from exercising and dieting, competitors also need to take care of their skin and hair. This includes tanning, hair removal, waxing, makeup, and hairstyling. They also need to practice their posing routine to showcase their body and muscles professionally.

In summary, becoming a beachbody competitor requires much dedication, effort, and commitment. Competitors have to carb-load, hydrate, maintain their body, posing, learn how to deal with stage fright, and more. It is more than just looking good.

2. Categories in Beachbody Competition

Beachbody competition is usually categorized by gender and body type. Competitors need to belong to any of the following categories: bikini, figure, physique, or bodybuilding. Men and women participating in the tournament typically have specific visuals that they need to achieve based on their class.

The bikini class mostly focuses on a beach-ready figure with toned muscles, glutes, and abs. Figure contestants usually have muscularity and symmetry while keeping a feminine appearance. In physique, participants tend to be more muscular than figure competitors and with an emphasis on mass and conditioning. The bodybuilding class is for those with the most significant amount of muscle mass who take things to another level.

Participants need to choose their class wisely, considering their body type, genetics, and fitness goals. The categorization is vital because it affects their competition routine, weight, and specific technicalities.

3. Assessments and Scoring

Assessments and scoring are essential parts of beachbody competitions. Competitors are evaluated based on the following criteria: symmetry, muscularity, aesthetics, posing skills, and overall conditioning. Judges usually assess male and female competitors separately based on their specific class.

In terms of fitness, judges judge the symmetry and aesthetic appeal of the competitor’s physique. They look out for the proportionality of different muscle groups, whether all body parts are evenly developed. The judges also assess the muscularity of competitors, checking how lean, hard, or toned their muscles are.

Overall confidence and stage presence get considered when assessing the participant’s posing and presentation style. The judges assess the contestants’ ability to perform each pose with swagger, charisma, and charm.

4. Beachbody Competition as a Career Option

Becoming a professional beachbody competitor can lead to modeling, endorsements, sponsorships, and career opportunities. However, not all participants will earn recognition or financial returns due to the rigorous competition in the field. Successful professionals typically combine their competition lifestyle with their careers outside of the sport. There are opportunities to become personal trainers, nutritionists, or brand ambassadors for health food companies, sportswear lines, fitness equipment, and more.

One important element that people tend to forget in this competitive environment is how many competitors struggle with body image issues, as constant scrutiny of one’s physique can adversely impact both mental and physical well-being.

It is essential to have realistic goals, a healthy mindset, and support while participating in beachbody competitions. Competitors should be proud of their accomplishments, regardless of their rankings, and make sure they take breaks to allow for mental and physical recovery.


In summary, beachbody competitions are an excellent opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to challenge themselves and showcase their dedication, hard work and determination to achieve their goals. However, they require meticulous planning, strict dieting, rigorous training, and discipline to maintain the ideal physique. The competition is a great career option, but its pressures can also adversely affect the physical and mental well-being of participants. Nevertheless, this industry provides platforms to create a community and lead a healthy lifestyle through fitness, training, and promoting a positive attitude towards oneself.

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